The Project

The goal of the project is the construction of a cinema in Amudê. It should be able to seat 200 people and possess modern, easy-to-use technology, e.g. laptop and beamer. It should have a stage. It should be built using local labor and materials. It should be low-budget. It should be a symbol of international solidarity with Rojava, carried out by local youth and internationalists. It should serve as an example of simple construction, while using innovative building techniques and avoiding expensive materials and paternalistic engineering.


Until today, the fire in the cinema of Amudê is an open wound in the collective commemoration of the Kurdish people of Rojava in the north of Syria: at the 13th of November 1960, at least 186 children between 8 and 14 years died, when the cinema of Amudê burned down. Although the cause of the fire remains unclear, the Kurdish society still looks at it as part of the systematic discrimination and violence of the Syrian regime against the Kurdish people.

To build a cinema in Amudê is a wonderful idea. It should be a place where there is a free exchange of ideas as well as somewhere to hear stories, find excitement and humor and connect to others from around the world. I am pleased to be a supporter of the cinema project. These are tragic times for all the people of the region. I agree with you that the intervention of the West has been based on self-interest and has had disastrous consequences. Let´s hope that your cinema will be a glimmer of light.
Ken Loach, London, 08.04.2015

Our Goals

Italic textThe project focuses on a number of issues:

  • To give back a part of history to the people of R.
  • To implement cinema as part of current culture.
  • To implement a place for cultural interchange.
  • To implement a place of living studies.