The project focuses on a number of issues:
• To give back a part of history to the people of Rojava
• To implement cinema as part of current culture
• To implement a place for cultural interchange
• To implement a place for educational and recreational purpose
• To foil censorship in the Middle East
• To accompany the construction story by a film project
• To give handycams to young people being able to document their life in Rojava
• To write down a project handbook and make the project reproducebale


Building a cinema is a highly political project: it not only stands for a neglected Kurdish history, but also for freedom from censorship, may it be in Syria, Turkey or the so-called Islamic State. Freedom always also means the freedom of political discourse and expression of native culture.
There are already good examples for such projects like Cinema Jenin in Palestine or the Intl. Filmfestival in the Polisario Camps of Western Sahara.
We want to support the democratic experiment in Rojava, we want to strengthen civil society and highly agree with the statement, that Rojava must be internationally accepted as a self-determined political entity.

With this project we already reach out to cultural oganisations and culture workers who were not involved in Curdistan Solidarity so far.
We are supported by film makers and theater regisseurs and technicians and universities from GB, Canada, USA, Mexic, Chile, Turkey, Egypt, France, Portugal, Spain, and Germany, we are supported by the Beuth University Berlin, and individual supporters e.g. Carmen Castillo, Jose Quiroga, or Ken Loach, just to mention a few well known names

We want to close with a citation of Ken Loach, who wrote to us:
“To build a cinema in Amudê is a wonderful idea. It should be a place where there is a free exchange of ideas as well as somewhere to hear stories, find excitement and humor and connect to others from around the world. I am pleased to be a supporter of the cinema project. These are tragic times for all the people of the region. I agree with you that the intervention of the West has been based on self-interest and has had disastrous consequences in the past. Let´s hope that your cinema will be a glimmer of light”.
(Ken Loach, London, 08.04.2015)

Final Declaration

Read the final declaration of the Kobane Rebuilding Conference, held in the European Parliament, Brussels July 1st 2015: Final Declaration [PDF]

Speech at the Kobane Reconstruction Conference

Read the speech of cinema-for-rojava group, Held in the European Parliament, Brussels, July 1st 2015: a-cinema-for-r_speech_ep_engl