The goal of the project is the construction of a cinema in Amudê. It should be able to seat 200 people and possess modern, easy-to-use technology, e.g. laptop and beamer. It should have a stage. It should be built using local labor and materials. It should be low-budget. It should be a symbol of international solidarity with Rojava, carried out by local youth and internationalists. It should serve as an example of simple construction, while using innovative building techniques and avoiding expensive materials and paternalistic engineering.

Cinematograph 1960

Participants in this project include: architecture and building experts especially skilled in using local techniques, i.e. mud brick construction; experts in solar electrification, cinema technology and film lighting, furniture and fire safety. A number of film makers and technical staff are part of the project. It will be promoted by advertising in newspapers and internet platforms.

Graveyard of Amudê

All materials or at least the majority will be produced in the region; some material may be transferred from Germany. Thus, it is politically crucial to get materials across the Turkish border, which is still open in this part of Kurdistan, in contrast to e.g. Kobane. In order to keep borders open, political pressure is urgently needed. We will involve NGOs and political parties from Germany, GB and Latin America to start political campaigning.

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